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J. Smalls
December 7

3 Point Plan on Improving the Chicago Bulls

Houston receives Luol Deng
Chicago receives C Omer Asik, PG Isaiah Canaan, PF Greg Smith and a 1st round pick

Oklahoma City receives Carlos Boozer
Chicago receives C Kendrick Perkins, PF Nick Collison and SF Perry Jones III

Sacramento receives PF Amare Stoudemire, SG Kirk Hinrich and 1st round picks from CHI & NY
New York receives PF Carlos Boozer, PF Chuck Hayes and SF John Salmons
Chicago receives C DeMarcus Cousins, SG Marcus Thornton and SG Tim Hardaway Jr

When looking at some of the trade ideas listed above that are circulating around on how to "fix" the Chicago Bulls it almost looks as if they combed through Cerebral Sports publishing history.  The problem is all of the trade ideas lack creating a new identity for Chicago Bulls basketball which is desperately needed.  Now this is still Derrick's team, but identifying 3 main points will help the Bulls not just now, but for the future as well.  The Chicago Bulls front office need to face the music to the reality the Bulls would have not beaten the Miami Heat with a healthy Derrick Rose the way this roster stands now.  We must not get it twisted the Heatles are the team to beat and until the Bulls get a player who combined with Derrick and our new core can take the Bulls to the next level.

1.  Carlos Boozer needs to be traded by any means necessary.  The only way I see the Bulls successfully including Boozer in a trade is going to have to be included with future draft picks and another possible starter. 

2.  Move Joakim Noah to his more natural position of power forward and try to acquire a legit 7 footer to better shut down the inside game of opposing teams.  This would make Taj Gibson and his newly signed 4 year $8 million per contract expendable.  It is tough to lose Taj, but he is an asset all NBA teams would be interested in acquiring.

3.  Move Luol Deng, but only to receive a solid point guard or a chance at acquiring a top tier prospect like Jabari Parker.  Luol is a great player, but you have to give up talent to get talent back in the NBA so trading Deng would have to be a calculated risk.  Keep in mind his contract is up at the end of the season and I do not see Lu taking a huge hometown discount as this will probably be his last big money contract in his career.  So if the Bulls are not going to be willing to pay Luol they need to realize this and make the best business decision.

3a.  I may be in the minority, but I have a gut feeling that Derrick Rose will actually come back even stronger from the knee injury just recently suffered in Portland.  Looking at situation when Derrick comes back I would love to see the Bulls play him more at the shooting guard position.  This should help relieve some stress on Derrick to do everything for the Bulls offensively.  So when the Bulls make moves to improve the basketball team they should work at getting a young fellow point guard to blossom with Rose.  

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